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🕹️ What happens when a video game 👾 gets rocked too hard🎸❓

A quick track I decided to compose as my first release

BinaryClouds - Original song

I wanted to release this one long time ago and finally it is the time

I Wanna be sedated - Ramones (Quick 'n' Dirty Cover)

I was done from work and my friend did ask for this earlier so... he got it :)

Welcome home sanitarium - Metallica (Cover)

For the last couple of days my hands have been itching a little to make this one.

Back from work - Original Song

I made this song just as soon as I got back from work. Just pressed record 2 times and then started to add layers. What do you think?

Girls not grey - AFI (Cover)

Not my finest. Just got back from work and grabbed the guitar, but hey, I love playing that guitar.

Whispering arpeggios - Original Song

It took me 9 months to get an appointment on the Colombian National registry.

National registry bot

It took me 9 months to get an appointment on the Colombian National registry.

Arduino frequency analyzer

Basically this is a guitar tuner made with an arduino.

Ruby Amp

Simple guitar amp

CV Aruco

Computer vision & ARuco

Pac Dumper

A Scraper for Yellow Pages


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